Wherein I talk about design process

Serious designers have a strong sense of their own design process. They understand how to start from zero and develop ideas into something concrete that can then be validated and constructed by the team at large.

I subscribe to the idea that a design process is different from a development process. A design process is about creative problem solving. It is about arriving at a great design. A development process is about execution; efficient, quantifiable, execution.

To design an interface for a technical system, you follow some basic steps regardless of whether you are creating an innovative new product, or an incremental change to an existing solution.

Define Understand Create Document
Business Goals


Known Constraints

Audience Goals



Multiple Concepts

Validate > Redesign

Do it Again

Interactive Prototype

Annotated Wireframes

Interaction Flows

Here are a few questions I ask a lot and often when designing a new technology interface:
1. Who are we designing for, and do we know enough about them?
2. What are they doing/what do they want that our system is going to support?
3. How do we know when we (and they) are successful?
4. Is this the best solution we can make given the constraints?
5. Does everyone from stakeholders to project planners, to dev team understand the design; are we all on the same page?

If you’d like to discuss design methodology more, or see some examples of my work, please reach out.