Third Life: Your World, Beyond Your Imagination

Combining elements of spectacle, showmanship and irony to create a play space in Second Life that spoofs the promise of blurring the lines between reality and virtual reality.

Project Goal
The team sought to create the illusion of a new cutting-edge 3D environment even better than Second Life called Third Life. The idea was to create an emotional buildup, make the journey full of promise and excitement, ultimately leading to a nonevent. We referenced spectacle, showmanship, and irony throughout the space to convey the message of Third Life to potential victims. The pitch to potential suckers: “Third Life – so much more than Second Life you have to climb out of Second Life to see it.” (Think vintage Star Trek episode: “For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky”).

Created for Expressive Virtual Space, Spring 2008, Celia Pearce.
Team Members: Carol Bales, Michelle Kwasny, Evan Mandel, Bobby Schweizer, Puja Verma
This virtual space was demonstrated during Digital Media Demo Day in Spring, 2008.

My contribution: concept development, construction of the glass tower, construction of the avatar customization room