Rapid, iterative design + prototyping, validated by real audiences.

Silver Spring Interactive is a design firm specializing in technology interfaces, or human-centered design. We work with you to hone your product requirements, understand your specific audience and craft how they’ll be interacting with your product. We also provide detailed design documentation and prototyping to ensure that the development team is working from clear, validated, approved design documentation.

Prototype and Evaluate

How do you translate your great idea into to a successful product? At Silver Spring Interactive, we perform iterative design prototyping and evaluation to validate that your product has an audience, satisfies a market need, and is well-designed.

User Experience Design

Our UX Design practices help you clarify your audience, understand their needs, and satisfy business goals. The result? An interface that’s useful, simple, and appealing.


Don’t be blindsided by usability issues. Silver Spring Interactive’s rigorous usability testing methodologies give you baseline measurements as well as an objective assessment of how easily and successfully your customers use your product.

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Experience Design Documents

We all know that you must design your product so that your audience believes it will give them what they want. But how to do that? We’ll work with you to identify the missing pieces — whether it is understanding what will make your customer click that button, or how to keep your app from fatally confusing your audience. Here are some common work activities and deliverable documents to aid you.

Audience Definition

Audience Research & Interviews


Customer Journey Maps

User Scenarios & User Stories


User Experience Design

Process Flows

Interaction & Navigational Flows


Interactive Prototypes


Usability Test Plan

Usability Test Execution & Findings

Design Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation

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Project Experience

Our experience spans the past 24 years from the origins of multimedia to today's device-responsive apps. We've designed for global agencies, and Fortune 500 IT groups, at the cutting edge of digital applications for Sales & Marketing, eCommerce, Education, Finance, Government, Hospitality, Gaming, and Telecommunications.

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Whether you are a startup honing your new product, or a Fortune 500 who needs some quick refreshes, we'd love to discuss your UX needs.

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